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The New Black - a film by Yoruba Richen
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The New Black
Director: Yoruba Richen
Producer: Yvonne Welbon

Screening: Sunday, September 22nd, 2013, 7:00 pm at Star Hall - a Moab Gay Adventure Week Event!

"The 50 Indie Films We Want To See in 2013."

"The New Black is the best among several films that tangle with the role religion plays in the lives of America's queers."

— Mark Taylor / KQED Arts / NPR

The New Black is a documentary that tells the story of how the African-American community is grappling with the gay rights issue in light of the recent gay marriage movement and the fight over civil rights. The film documents activists, families and clergy on both sides of the campaign to legalize gay marriage and examines homophobia in the black community’s institutional pillar—the black church and reveals the Christian right wing’s strategy of exploiting this phenomenon in order to pursue an anti-gay political agenda.

The New Black takes viewers into the pews and onto the streets and provides a seat at the kitchen table as it tells the story of the historic fight to win marriage equality in Maryland and charts the evolution of this divisive issue within the black community.


Karess Taylor-Hughes Sharon Alvin Samantha Master
Main Characters:
Sharon Lettman-Hicks Karess Taylor-Hughes Samantha Master
Sharon Lettman-Hicks Karess Taylor-Hughes Samantha Master
Pastor Derek McCoy Reverend Delman Coates Anthony Charles Williams II
Pastor Derek McCoy Reverend Delman Coates Anthony Charles Williams II

(80 Minutes, U.S.A.)

Director Yoruba Richen
Writers Yoruba Richen, Erin Casper
Producers Yoruba Richen, Yvonne Welbon
Co-Producer Angela Tucker
Associate Producers Samantha Stark, Veena Rao
Editors Erin Casper, Ali Muney
Cinematographers Nadia Hallgren, Garland McLaurin
Cast Sharon Lettman-Hicks, Karess Taylor-Hughes, Samantha Master, Pastor Derek McCoy, Rev. Delman Coates, Anthony Charles Williams II


2013: Los Angeles Film Festival: LA Film Festival Full Review

Human Rights Watch Film Festival (New York)
AFI Docs (formerly Silverdocs), Frameline

Audience Award for Best Feature (AFI Docs)

Screening: Sunday, September 22nd, 2013, 7:00 pm at Star Hall - a Moab Gay Adventure Week Event!

Rick Beyer's The Ghost Army:

War, deception and art come together in Rick Beyer’s new documentary The Ghost Army, the astonishing true story of American G.I.s — many of whom would go on to have illustrious careers in art, design and fashion — who tricked the enemy with rubber tanks, sound effects, and carefully crafted illusions during the Second World War.

Read more about the film at CBS News

"Fascinating, detailed and oddly delightful"-LA Times

"Argo meets der Führer"-TV Guide

"Remarkable...fresh details and a compelling narrative"-New York Times

"Mesmerizing"-San Francisco Chronicle

"Riveting, fascinating...unbelievable...this film is an astonishment."-Rick Kogan, WBEZ Radio, Chicago

"Eye-opening and entertaining...don't miss it."
-World War II Magazine

"A World War II combat movie...taken over by a Looney Tunes cartoon."-The Boston Globe

7.6 IMDb rating

Read more stories and reviews here

Official website for The Ghost Army here

Screening: Friday, September 20th, 2013, 7:30 pm at Star Hall

The Ghost Army, Rick Beyer poster
World War 2 U.S. Army tank World War 2 U.S. Army tank
Artwork from Rick Beyer's The Ghost Army Rick Beyer
July 15th, 2013 Announcement:

Rick Beyer, Writer and Director of the film will be in Moab for the screening and introduce the film to our audience. We are very happy to welcome Rick Beyer to Moab!

Screening: Friday, September 20th, 2013, 7:30 pm at Star Hall

King: A Filmed Record...  Montgomery to Memphis

KING: A Filmed Record... Montgomery to Memphis
Producer: Ely Landau
Associate Producer: Richard Kaplan

Screening: Saturday, September 21st, 2013, 7:00 pm at Star Hall

The film originally screened for one night only at select theatres around the U.S. It has rarely been seen since and has recently been remastered into digital form.

The 2 part, 3 hour documentary consists mostly of archival footage putting the events surrounding Dr. King into context with the actions he took and distinguishes Dr. King as a leader for good cause through non-violent inspiration. It was nominated for an Academy Award. It won admission into the National Film Registry and has been entered into the Library of Congress.

Because we feel the documentary is of such great historical and educational value, we will be offering a special screening for area high school students. Thanks to the help of Great Lakes Airlines, Mr. Kaplan is coming to Moab and will be introducing the film at the special student showing. There will be no charge for admission at the special student screening.

Amy Goodman talks about the film on NPR's Democracy Now! with film excerpts:

Richard Kaplan, Associate Producer in charge of production will introduce the film at a Special Screening for Grand County High School Students:

Credit: Kino Lorber

Credit: Kino Lorber

Credit: Kino Lorber

Credit: Kino Lorber

Credit: Kino Lorber

Credit: Kino Lorber

This film consists almost entirely of archival footage, but includes bridging sequences with readings from:

  • Burt Lancaster
  • Paul Newman
  • Anthony Quinn
  • Clarence Williams III
  • Joanne Woodward
  • Harry Belafonte
  • Ruby Dee
  • Ben Gazzara
  • Charlton Heston
  • James Earl Jones

“Perhaps the most important film documentary ever made.”

- The Philadelphia Bulletin

“The documentary footage is stunning. Mercifully, there is no added commentary. The events are allowed to speak for themselves. The soundtrack bursts with vitality — the roar of police motorcycles, bombs, burning crosses, ambulances, nightsticks crunching into human bone, gospel, shouts, the massed crowds before the Lincoln Memorial at the 1963 March on Washington, and, most thrilling of all, the speeches of the man himself. As for the images, if film is a mirror, we should all go see it, for, black and white, we will never look and see ourselves that beautiful or that innocent again.”

– Ellen Holly, The New York Times

“A powerful experience. The cumulative effects of the words and actions of this man can’t be underestimated.”

– The Christian Science Monitor

“KING reminds us of the staunchness of spirit that can be aroused in the hearts of the humble, the strengths that leads to victories… Scene and action approach the eloquence of King himself.”

– Judith Crist, New York Magazine

“Unlike many films that examine the past, this one does not remind us of how far we have come. It reminds us how far we have to go.”

– Chicago Sun-Times

“A piece of history of immense power”

–The Los Angeles Times

“It is fierce, violent, tender, hopeful and should be graded ‘R’ for Required. Above all, it is a compelling reminder that much remains to be done.”

– The Washington Post

Official Trailer :

King: A Filmed Record: Montgomery to Memphis Official Website

Screening: Saturday, September 21st, 2013, 7:00 pm at Star Hall

Bidder 70 - With Additional, Updated footage celebrating the release of Tim DeChristopher!

Produced by: Gage and Gage Productions
Feature Length

Screening: Friday, September 20th, 2013, 5:00 pm at Star Hall

Bidder 70 film poster

Film Synopsis:

Bidder 70 centers on an extraordinary, ingenious and effective act of civil disobedience demanding government and industry accountability. In 2008, University of Utah economics student Tim DeChristopher committed an act which would redefine patriotism in our time, igniting a spirit of civil disobedience in the name of climate justice. Follow Tim, Bidder 70, from college student to incarcerated felon. Redefine justice for yourself. Choose your side.


Awards from these Festivals:

George and Beth Gage, Gage and Gage Productions

Beth and George Gage, along with Ashley Anderson are planning to attend the festival and introduce seldom seen footage, which celebrates the release of Tim DeChristopher! Ashley and the Gage's will conduct a question and answer session after the film.

From Democracy Now!:
The choice you are making today is what side are you on.

-Tim DeChristopher

Bidder 70

Screening: Friday, September 20th, 2013, 5:00 pm at Star Hall

Gelati e Granite
Directed by: Ivano Fachin
A world premiere from Italy (20 minutes)
Category: Documentary

Screening: Sunday, September 22nd, 2013, 12:00 noon at Star Hall

Gelati e granite tells a little story, the story of a man with his ice cream van, who wandering in a warm and baroque corner of the world in southeastern Sicily, becomes privileged witness of stories, repository of memories and example of a life of commitment and self-sacrifice, love and solitude.
Gelati E Granite

Subtitled at festival
Gelati E Granite production still

Treibjagd (The Driven Hunt)
Directed by: Christiane Hitzemann
A world premiere from Germany
Category: Outdoor Action

Screening: Sunday, September 22nd, 2013, 12:00 noon at Star Hall

Treibjagd is a worldwide premiere film from Germany. On a driven hunt a young huntress aims to shoot her first stag - and deeply hits her dad's hunter-heart. 13 minutes.
Treibjagd (German: The Driven Hunt)
Treibjagd (German: The Driven Hunt)

Under the Acorn Tree
Directed by: Justin Brunelle (9 minutes, world premiere from Canada)
Musically Inclined

Screening: Sunday, September 22nd, 2013, 12:00 noon at Star Hall

An elderly gentleman has fallen into a less than desirable orderly routine and finds himself yearning for some passion in his life. He uncovers an old box with many beautiful memories inside and decides to break away from his sad outlook and search for what really makes him happy.
Along the way he finds himself in his hometown which he is surprised to discover has transformed into an old ghost town. There is something very dear to him has been hidden, but exactly what, he can't quite remember. His memories and love are what guides him on his journey to finding peace.
Paul Boultbee's Under the Acorn Tree

Produced and Directed by: Jan Keck (21 minutes)

Screening: Sunday, September 22nd, 2013, 12:00 noon at Star Hall

Crackdown! In the wake of the 100-mile diet and the public’s increasing desire for local and organic food, Crackdown! tells the story of Toronto’s urban chicken keepers, a smart, savvy and rapidly-growing band of mavericks who just want access to fresh eggs at home for their families … “Pets with benefits,” if you will. The film takes a satirical look at the municipal bylaws that forced this movement underground and what it means to raise chickens in your backyard, – and become a criminal for doing so.
Crackdown! production still
Official website for CrackDown!

Animation Hotline
Directed by: Dustin Grella (U.S. premier, 6 minutes)
Experimental Film

Screening: Sunday, September 22nd, 2013, 12:00 noon at Star Hall

Animation Hotline is a series of daily animations that use messages left on the Dusty Studio voice-mail for content. The project was first seeded by giving out the phone number to a few poets and friends, but eventually caught on with bloggers and as the phone number proliferated through the internet the messages increased. Initially the phone number was a 212 area code number, and the idea was that the stories would be 'New York' stories, but it didn't take long to realize that the more messages received the more interesting material there was to choose from, and in the end, the more diverse the project would become.
This film has previously screened a limited number of times as listed below
Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner
Cannes, France
May 2012
Stuttgart Animation Festival
Stuttgart, Germany
May 2012
Featured Artist
Kansk International Video Festival
Grand Prix
Kansk, Russian Federation
August 2012
Ottawa International Animation Festival
Ottawa, Canada
September 2012
Hamburg International Short Film Festival
Hamburg, Germany

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